Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. It is the time to bring joy and happiness to the others. At Maison Chance, we embrace this spirit with all our hearts.

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Every year on the occasion of Christmas, we visit the Psychiatry Center in Thu Duc, where the story of Maison Chance started 25 years ago. Aline Rebeaud on her journey in Vietnam came to this center and met Thanh, a boy with serious lung and heart disease. She decided to bring him to the hospital and take care of him. When Thanh was healed, Aline did not want to send him back to the Psychiatry Center, she rent a house and welcomed orphans, street children and abandoned people with disabilities. They made a new family and a new home, the Maison Chance.

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As a tradition, this year Thanh comes back to the Psychiatry Center to give presents to the patients, wearing Santa Claus dress. A group of volunteers from Canada accompanies us. We give them cakes made by our bakery, soap and blanket. Most of the patients here are abandoned and wandering. However, when they are conscious, they all have a big sorrow of homesickness.

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By visiting them, we hope to bring them warmth and consolation. We want to show them that there are people who care for them and seek for them.

Text: Long Hai & Barbara