Long ago, November 20 has been chosen as “Teacher Day” in Vietnam. On this day, students have the opportunity to express their gratitude to the teachers who have equiped them with knowledge and prepared them for the future.

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With the beautiful meaning of the Teacher Day, last November 20, all students of the Village Chance primary school gathered to celebrate their gratitude to the teachers through songs, dances and poems.

This year, the primary school of the Village Chance has nearly 200 students who are from disadvantaged families in the area. The school has 5 classes from grade 1 to grade 5 which follow the official curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training. Additionally, it has a kindergarten and a special needs class. The speciality of the Village Chance primary school is that students with disabilities can join the normal class, provided that they can catch up with their classmates.

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The celebration of Teacher Day at Village Chance school was original because there was not only the participation of primary students but also of kindergarten kids. The ceremony might not be as splendid as at other schools, but surely not lack of joy and happiness. The teachers were with great smile on their face as they could be as a ferry driver who brought their students to the shore of knowledge which will be their luggage on the journey of success.

Text: Long Hải