The artists from Maison Chance share their love

“You need a kind heart to live”

Yes, indeed, even if the wind blows, life is always happier for a loving and sharing heart. However, some situations are difficult to overcome, like these of the helpless and orphaned children who found home in a foyer in Binh Phuoc.

To help them, a philanthropic auction was organized on the 18th of December 2011 at the White Palace Conference Centre by the RMIT University students. Some companies based in Ho Chi Minh City participated in the event.

Tim Aline and Le Phuoc Ngan were here to represent the Board Committee of Maison Chance. They came along with some volunteers and three painters from the Take Wing Center, Tam, Bay and Sy.

They met with Sister Loan who is in charge of about 90 orphans and protect them. They all were courageous enough to learn how to write and read despite their very poor environment.

The night was a success due to the various objects the organizations and individuals brought along. The artists from Maison Chance surprised everybody with three paintings representing the idea of sharing, the beauty of the countryside, and the river of the countryside. No one thought it was possible for such seriously disabled persons to achieve some wonderful paintings as the ones from Tam who uses his mouth to paint or Bay and Sy who need both hands to handle the paintbrush.

Some guests were wondering how they could make such impressive works of art given their challenging condition. The artists answered humbly that they just had the will and determination to demonstrate that disabled people could be useful as well.

During this conversation, Tim talked about her work in Vietnam, driven by the will to give the seriously disabled persons the sense of dignity they deserve. Most guests were sincerely moved.

The auction eventually generated 314 million of Dongs, amongst which the three paintings represented 87 million. Maison Chance donated the money to Nha Tinh Thuong Binh Phuoc to help him in the process of building some sanitary fittings, filtering water and improving the environment where the orphans live.

This night is now over, but this unique moment of shared love remains in our hearts along with the joy of supporting the unhappiest in their uneasy and difficult journey.

At the Take Wing Center, 19-12-2011
written by Le Phuoc Ngan
edited by Huong Vu

December 2011