Thanks to Mr. Jaques Sudan, an employee of the Jeld-Wen Door Solutions company, Maison Chance was donated 75 wooden doors, specially manufactured for the Social Center project in Dak Nong province. However, it was a tough question on how to transport such large quantities of goods from Switzerland to Vietnam.

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At the same time, a Swiss visitor came to see us in Sai Gon. After hearing about the future wheelchairs repair project in Dak Nong province, with all the enthusiasm and kindness, Ulrich Weyermann donated a container containing nine electric wheelchairs, eighteen wheelchairs, twenty-three mountain bicycles and other tools and machines for the preparation of the wheelchairs repair workshop.

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Besides, he also helped with the transport of 75 doors from the Jeld Wen company.

With lots of luck and effort for paper work, the container finally arrived at the harbor of Cat Lai on June 23, 2017 and Village Chance on July 2, 2017 in the joy of the beneficiaries.

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Every success of Maison Chance is the result of the precious contributions from many people and organizations. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Jaques Sudan of Jeld-Wen Door Solutions company and Mr. Ulrich Weyermann for your kind and valuable support for Maison Chance, especially for Dak Nong project.

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Thanks to them, the donations in kind could reach the most disadvantaged in Vietnam.

Post: Thuy Nhi