The Shelter

The first purpose of the shelter is to provide a home to children from the street, orphans and disabled persons who are not able to provide for themselves. In fact, around 50 people are living at the shelter…

Accommodation is free for disadvantaged people until they become financially independent. The shelter offers a family atmosphere where beneficiaries call each other “brothers and sisters. This has proved to be beneficial for both populations living at the shelter. For the disabled adults, the presence of children encourages them to do their daily physical exercises; the children help them with small tasks and help to push wheelchairs. For orphans and children from the street, the presence of adults fills an important need to have a family- a father or mother, brothers and sisters.

The Village Chance

Since 2011, Maison Chance offers the opportunity for people in wheelchairs to live with their families in a specially adapted apartment complex (wheelchair access with ramps, lowered workspaces). This accommodation is different from the shelter as beneficiaries pay a low rent, representing their autonomy, social reintegration and their capacity to earn a living.

The Village is a complex bringing community life and private life together. Each beneficiary has his own apartment but there is a courtyard serving several buildings where children can play happily outside. Like everywhere in Vietnam, apartments’ doors are often opened during the day, allowing the opportunity for neighbors to visit each other.