Most of our beneficiaries arrived at Maison Chance, severely wounded or sick. The majority of their disabilities are the result of accidents (paraplegia, quadriplegia), contrary to being born handicapped. Just as people born with a handicap, the victims of accidents suffer permanently from inherent complications of their motor and sensory neurological injuries. Furthermore, they have to deal with bedsores, and chronic urinary tract infections associated with a poor urinary tract function. Specific care and rigorous monitoring are essential.

Maison Chance provides free basic medical care and employs doctors, physiotherapists and social workers. Our physiotherapists perform daily rehabilitation treatment in all four centers. Maison Chance is one of the rare places in Vietnam which offers a hydrotherapy pool to those with reduced mobility. Beneficiaries can participate in balneotherapy sessions. In the water, the body feels weightless, and mobility is easier. Hot air pumps were installed to increase the temperature of the water and keep patients warm. The machines were made in Canada and imported to Vietnam.

The premises include rehabilitation rooms and nursing stations in all centers as well as one dentist room, respectively in the Take Wing Center in HCMC and in Đắk Nông. For more complicated medical cases like dialysis, surgical operations of bedsores, catheter insertions etc., patients have to be hospitalized. Maison Chance pays for the medical expenses as there is no health insurance covering accidental injuries in Vietnam.