Despite significant economic growth during the recent years, Vietnam is still a poor country. The condition of disabled people and disadvantaged children is critical. They are abandoned have to look after themselves. Illiterate, particularly in countryside, they are reduced to begging on the streets or working in awful conditions in order to survive.

In addition to a roof over their heads, Maison Chance wanted to offer free education to all those facing disadvantages. This basic education lays the foundation which allows them to access higher education or to engage in vocational training, helping them to get a job.

Kindergarten and Primary school

Maison Chance offers kindergarten and primary school for disadvantaged children in HCMC and Daknong province. They are taught under the standard program of the Ministry of Education and Training. After graduating from grade 5, they can continue to study at upper grades in public schools in the city or in the area.

In the school year 2018-2019, the kindergarten currently has 38 children, of which 27 children under 5 and 10 children are preparing to enter grade 1 next year.

There were 189 students at the primary school, including 44 students of grade 1, 37 students of grade 2, 38 students of grade 3, 41 students of grade 4 and 25 students of grade 5. At the end of the school year, the number of students  decreased by 21%, from 189 to 159. Last year, 107 students were rewarded for their good performance. In grade 5, 33 students took part in the graduation exam, of which 6 graduated with 20/20 grade.

At our social center in Daknong, There are 99 students at the primary school which are divided by 4 grades, including 32 students of grade 1, 19 students of grade 2, 26 students of grade 3 and 22 students of grade 4. Last year, There were 23 students were rewarded for their best academic results and we intend to open grade 5 in the school year 2019-2020.

Special education

At the Village Chance Primary School and the primary school in Daknong, students with physical and intellectual disabilities are taught together with normal students if they meet the requirements and keep up with their classmates.

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In addition, there is a specialized class at the Village Chace Primary school and 2 special needs classes at our center in Daknong designed to meet the needs of the disabled children. The number of students enrolls in this year’s special education class is 18 at the Village Chance and 17 in Daknong.

Supplementary subjects

Maison Chance always attempts to bring the best to its students. In addition to formal instructional programs (Vietnamese, Math, History, Geography, Civic Education), students are also enrolled in computer courses, English, music, art and sports.

The children who live in Maison Chance can participate in circus performances three times a week.

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Higher education levels

To support the best students, Maison Chance provides financial support so that they can continue their studies at secondary, high school or college.

In 2018-2019, the number of students sponsored by Maison Chance for secondary school is 3, high school is 1, a student is preparing for vocational college and university is 2