Children and the future school of Maison Chance in Dak Nong have found their lucky star.

This Thursday October 6, 2016, a Maison Chance team led by Tim welcomed the co president of the Bonne Etoile association: Laeticia Hallyday accompanied by two other representatives of the association.

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Through its intensive work, the Bonne Etoile has managed to collect all the necessary funds to fully fund the school, the teachers’ room and the multipurpose room. Maison Chance is infinitely grateful for Bonne Etoile’s involvement in this major project.

After some prayers at the ceremony, Laeticia Hallyday, on behalf of the Bonne Etoile, put the first symbolic stone of the yard. Step required before helping disadvantaged children of the region.

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The day continues with two visits to future beneficiaries disabled physically or mentally. Each meeting saw its share of emotions and surprises. By observing their lives, the mission of Bonne Etoile and Maison Chance makes sense.

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The school is, however, a portion of all infrastructures to build. There are still a lot of works to do and Maison Chance is still looking for partners who want to support its action.

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The project has just begun, start working!

Post: Anne-Lise