1. Being a volunteer at Maison Chance, what is it?

→ Commit to provide selfless service to people in need in Vietnam. This is also share ethics, values and vision of the association but also respect the Charter of volunteers.

  1. Where and how to invest?

Volunteers are always welcome at Maison Chance and our needs are diverse and various. All the goodwill and know-how are useful to develop the various activities of the association.

First, two options are available to you:

  1. Volunteering in your country in existing antennas (Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland, USA) then please contact the committees in question (link)
  2. Volunteering on the ground in Vietnam with beneficiaries.

If you are interesting in the second option, here are mission currently available:

  • physiotherapy with quadriplegic or paraplegic patients (adults and children).

→ minimum duration : 3 months

  • occupational therapy with physical and/or mental disabled patients (adults and children).

→ minimum duration : 3 months

  • communication: writing articles for the website and global communication of the association.

→ minimum duration : 3 months

→ minimum duration : 3 months

Please note that this list is non exhaustive. Feel free to contact us if you have a project idea to submit or to check availability of missions.

  1. Application steps

1: Submit an application

The essential condition of an application, is to be major to sign your volunteer contract.

We will ask you to send us your application (download here). This step is crucial to us, it enables us to know you better and to target the type of mission. So do not rush and fill this folder seriously.

A first selection will be made according to the needs and available missions.

2: Interview

After receiving and reading your file, a “skype” interview will be set up with our volunteer manager. During this second step, we will define together your mission which is in line with your expectations and our needs.

3: Contract

Once your mission accepted by the founder, Tim Aline Rebeaud and the volunteer manager, a volunteer contract must be signed. Without it we cannot make a demand for your visa. At that time, we will send you the list of the necessary documents.

* The duration of a contract must be for minimum 3 months. With this contract, Maison Chance will support your visa, accommodation and meals. If you want to stay with us for a shorter term, it is entirely possible, but all the expenses mentioned above will be at your charge.