July 2017, school ended about a month ago. The primary school pupils of Maison Chance are now following the “summer activities”. They study until August in preparation for the coming school year which starts in September. The program is lighter with lots of sports and recreational activities. Let’s not forget it’s the summer holidays!

It is within this context that our 8 volunteers arrived right from Switzerland with the association Foulards sans Frontières to spend 2 fantastic weeks of teaching and sharing at Maison Chance.


Foulards sans Frontières is a humanitarian and environmental protection association. Every year they organise international projects to discover the world and give their aid to the visited countries.

One of their projects for 2017 was to support Maison Chance Vietnam and more precisely its primary school children. Beyond their donation collected for this project, they prepared a 2 week educational planning for the grades 3, 4 and 5 which gather more than 70 children aged from 8 to 16.

Julie, David, Joëlle and Louis were in charge of the grade 3 children while K’ori, Marion, Philomena and Morgane took care of grade 4 and 5 regrouped together for the summer activities.

Their creative activities enabled cultural and knowledge exchange beyond the strong language barrier. The agenda was composed of geography, mathematics, music, origami and even scientific experiments and cooking courses! The “bread and pizza dough course” was quite a success! And the kids spent their unlimited amount of energy dancing on French songs they had been taught or swimming like dolphins in the therapeutic pool!


Strong bonds bloomed between the children and the Swiss volunteers during these two weeks spent together. Goodbyes were said in tears… but tears of joy of course!

Great thanks to Julie, K’ori, David, Philomena, Louis, Marion, Joëlle and Morgane for their outstanding work, their kind friendship and their positive energy! Maison Chance and its children will cherish these unforgettable memories!

Post: Kai