Start of the week, 10 wheelchair adapted for basketball arrived well packed in cartons. And thanks to the generous funding of the foundation Basaid that the project could lead.


Since the creation of Village Chance, basketball games are held 3 times a week. More than a sport, it has even become a passion for some players who are a stickler for the rules! Good atmosphere and friendliness are always present.

Despite the enthusiasm of all participants, the many shocks during the game were damaging considerably the daily wheelchairs beneficiaries and it was necessary to procure specifically dedicated to sports wheelchairs. With the help of a volunteer therapist present for 6 month at Maison Chance and Maison Chance team, steps have been taken and wheelchairs were chosen specifically.

DSC_0004 DSC_0015

Wednesday 1 June, held the first basketball game with brand new chairs. Some settings are still in effect and beneficiaries have still to adjust a little technical. But the general opinion is a real plus for this sport, so important in the family Maison Chance.

A big thank you to all players.

Translator: Anne-Lise