New wheelchairs sent from Canada

A few days ago, two vans filled with wheelchairs from Canada arrived in the courtyard of the Village Chance. The beneficiaries welcomed the news with a big smile. The children rushed to provide assistance for unloading 34 chairs, including an electric one.

For several years now, friends of Maison Chance from Windsor have given themselves the task to collect wheelchairs for the association. Windsor is located at the south-eastern Ontario at a river crossing from the United States. These volunteers receive used wheelchairs, repair, pack, and label them methodically before sending them to Vietnam. There are two important centers in the city that offer rehabilitation services to children and elderly disabled people and which are the main suppliers.

It is the third shipment of wheelchairs sending by these Canadian volunteers. This time, the majority are recliners, i.e. non-active, and hence are useful for patients suffering of multiple disabilities. These people with severe disabilities need therefore to have devices with unique features, such as headrest or trunk support.

While four wheelchairs will remain in Saigon for the recipients of Maison Chance, the others will be sent to the countryside. For almost two years, a new project is under study in Dak Nong Province in the Highlands. The number of disabled people in need in this area is very high as there is no social care center. Maison Chance has established an experimental project that distributes wheelchairs as well as tips about the use and maintenance, to the most disadvantaged. That is why, for the second time, some of the wheelchairs donated by Canada will be sent there.

Project Office

August 2013