Becoming a patron or partner or Maison Chance contributes directly by helping our beneficiaries reach their full potential. Your action is a demonstration of international solidarity. You may be eligible for a tax exemption following th regulations of your own country.

You can be confident that your donation will be used appropriately. Administrative costs to do not exceed 10% of collected funds. In the 2012 financial year, 97% of the annual budget was spent directly on project development with a mere 3% used for administration costs. Accounts are available upon request.

There are several ways in which you can assist Maison Chance and contribute to our organization. It is possible to make both regular and occasional donations. Single or occasional donations may be made to particular projects being undertaken. Donations given at regular intervals over a set time period are also extremely valued by Maison Chance. Make a Donation

You can help us in different ways

Financial help, regular or occasional : You can decide to do an occasional donation for a project in progress or you can get involved in giving donation on a regular basis at a set time.

Another way to contribute is to make a donation in kind.

Please contact us to find out more about becoming a sponsor

The following organizations are current and former sponsors of Maison Chance:




Roche Diagnostics




Lord Hellingly

The Vietnam Foundation

Terre Des Hommes

Atelier Amitié…