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The Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated with love and joy at Maison Chance this year. A lantern competition preceded the celebrations which ensured participation from the young and old at Village Chance. Few days before the festival, several teams had gathered together to create the most beautiful lanterns.

The lantern-making invited fierce competition from all teams and everyone assuredly gave their very best. No rules were to limit the creativity of the participants. They were free to give any shape or color to their artwork. Lanterns were crafted with mostly wood and metal, with one of them exceeding expectations by attaching a motor to activate the wings of a bird.

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On the final morning, the different teams finished decorating their lanterns at Village Chance in presence of the famous MC Thanh Bach. The venue was filled with dancing dragons, clowns, belly dancers and singers who added more color to the competition. However, the festival picked up after sunset with various acts prepared by the beneficiaries of Maison Chance mixed with professional artists. Games, quizzes, circus acts, songs, dances and magic tricks for the children, were performed under the colorful lighting.

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As the evening continued, all participating teams paraded with their lanterns towards the stage. Each team described the story behind the creation of their respective lanterns. Illuminated by lights and candles; the lanterns were glamorously shining in the dark. Tim thanked applauded each donor and benefactor with a personal message and offering them gifts.

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Towards the end of the festival, the jury had made a tough decision to announce two teams tied together for the winning position. However, three lanterns were elected to be the favorites which represented an elephant, the Maison Chance logo and a huge red heart, respectively.

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The last songs were sung into the night as the festivities finally came to an end. The celebrations had brought the Maison Chance family together once again on this warm evening to share love, warmth and affection with each other.

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Heartiest congratulations to everyone for this lovely evening!

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