In December 2012, Maison Chance had the pleasure to be the recipient of a 3-year sponsoring from the HSBC Future First Global program.

In addition of the support for the basic expenses for the official primary school program, this grant is helping Maison Chance to develop its services to the children, especially activities to help them to understand the world around them and to prepare them to a better future.

This collaboration has allowed developing new activities for the students. In the current society conditions, we need to focus our education on employability. The main part of the children provided with free schooling at Maison Chance is from poor families. Their parents have to work very hard to bring back home enough money to survive. They don’t have time to explain the world to their children.

It is why we decided to offer them several new services. The first one is guidance counseling. We have introduced guidance counseling in the fifth and last year of the primary school program: the different business sectors and pathways of study have been presented to the children. Guidance counselors will help them to find the best solution according to their preferences and main focuses.

Always in the same perspective, we also planned more cultural and social activities. We organized living skills classes about self-discovery and personal financing management. In the next weeks, the children will have the opportunity to visit several museums in the city center and also other social centers.

HSBC’s staffs also get directly involved in this collaboration as 18 of them volunteered not less than 95 hours in our facilities. They took part in the summer activities such as cooking and baking, football, and English class. They also proposed a creative class which has a big success. In addition, they animated a course about financial literacy to explain to the children what money is and why it is important to know how to manage it.

Enriched with this new understanding of the world and with a good education, our children are ready to follow their path to a better life. But we will not let them alone. Thanks to HSBC, we will be able to follow them after they leave the Village Chance School to be sure that they are following the right way. Because if we give a child to opportunity to be successful in his/her life, finally all his/her family will benefit from it and that means reducing poverty, isn’t it?

Ocbober 2013