It’s already the end of the school year 2016 -2017. On Tuesday 30 May at the Village Chance, about more than 200 children of Maison Chance has been gathered with teachers, “mother” Tim and representatives of Binh Hung Hoa A ward, to celebrate this event.

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Since its foundation, education is one of the priorities of Maison Chance. Those children come from disadvantaged backgrounds, their parent cannot afford their scholarship and provide them a proper support at home. They barely encourage their children to go to school but help them to earn money.

Hence, our goal is to bring them the basis knowledges and a passion to encourage them to go further in their education path.
This school year, we are proud of all 28 students of the 5th grade having completed their school year with good results and continue to enroll into secondary school. Only 8 percent of students coming almost from the 1st grade couldn’t make their final exams and will have to pass the second round in late July. 9 of 41 children of the kindergarten will take a big step – going to primary school after this summer.

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On this special Tuesday, you can see all kind of emotions on their face: the feeling of relief after the final exams, the excitement of the summer coming and the sadness of saying goodbye to friends.

The following pictures might bring your childhood memories back…

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Post: Thanh Thuy