School year has now ended for the students of Village Chance’s school. Before leaving for the holidays, the end of school year was celebrated on Saturday, May 28th, 2016. All the classes from kindergarten and primary school were gathered in the multipurpose room for the occasion. The show started around 3pm in front of the teachers, parents and Maison Chance’s management representatives. The show started with a sketch by the kindergarten children, followed by dances by the youngest students, a song performed by one of the students, poem recitation and ended with a dance by the oldest students.

After that, school director announced the results for the year 2015-2016. Among the 187 students who took the exam, 180 passed with an above average grade (>5), and 2 of them had a perfect grade (10/10).

Among the 27 fifth-year students (last year of primary school) who took the test, only 7 will have to retake their final exams.

During the year 2015-2016, about 30 students left Village Chance’s school for family reasons despite appointments with social workers to convince them of the necessity for education. This year has been full of wonderful experiences (trip to Dak Nong…) and encounters (medical and ophthalmological examinations by French and American volunteers…)

58 students were awarded for their good work during the year and every student received a box full of pastries as a gift on the occasion of Children’s Day in Vietnam – Jun 1st.

Maison Chance is glad to wish its students great holidays.

Translator: Cécile