Despite significant economic growth of recent years, Vietnam is still a poor country. The condition of disabled people and disadvantaged children is critical. They was abandoned to look after themselves. Illiterate, particularly in countryside, they are reduced to begging in the streets or working in awful conditions in order to survive.

In addition to a roof over their heads, Maison Chance wanted to offer a free education to all those facing disadvantage. This basic education lays the foundation which allows them to access higher education or to engage in vocational training, helping them to gain work.

School subjects

Confronted by children with troubled backrounds and uncertain futures, Maison Chance attempts to teach as much as possible to its pupils.

In addition to Official curriculum (Vietnamese, mathematics, history, geography and civil education classes), pupils also have computer, English classes, music, art, and sport.

A typical day at school

Classes from first grade to 5th grade of primary school are attended by around 187 students in Maison Chance’s school.

Morning classes begin from 7.30 am and break at 11 am.

A lunch prepared by the Maison Chance canteen, satisfying their daily nutritional needs, is served before an afternoon nap.

The afternoon, class resume from 1:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Year 2015-2016

In total 187 students are enrolled in a school of Village Chance, 180 student passé their final exam and 52 of them obtain a reward for working well. 7 Students will board their final exam.

All 27 students of the fifth year receive their primary education degree, and 10 of them have excellent results in Vietnamese and mathematics.

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In the nursery of Village Chance, children were 46 this year including 12 children in the class of less than 3 years. For the next year, 10 new children who will spend in the class of 3 years.


Maison Chance also provides financial support to the most successful students facilitating access to secondary and tertiary level education.

In 2015-2016, 10 residents from Maison Chance’s shelter attend school outside of the Village. Two just finished primary school at the Village and are preparing to go to secondary school. Three are in secondary school. Three are in high school and the last two have completed high school and are awaiting the results from their college acceptance test.

All the children of the Shelter, go to circus activity, three times a week.