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The gala of Maison Chance France took place on Sunday October 11, 2015 at the “Espace Reuilly” in Paris. More than 400 people, including four Vietnamese renowned personalities, were present.

Maison Chance France proposed a music gala to its sympathizers. The gleaming Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen came from the United States to orchestrate the show. In addition of performances from the famous Tran Thai Hoa, Luu Bich and Hoa Mi, the participants discovered the new project led by Tim: the construction of a new center in Dak Nong province.

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Tim came to Europe for the event and her presentation of this new project aroused the emotions of the public. This new center will help an extremely poor population in one of the poorest regions of Vietnam.

The gala also welcomed on stage Cong Duy, a beneficiary of Maison Chance, who came for the last events of Maison Chance in Europe (the Paléo Festival in Switzerland and the Gala of Maison Chance France). On stage with Tim in Paris, Cong Duy looked radiant on his wheelchair. When Dinh Cong Duy arrived at Maison Chance Vietnam, he was 14 years old and could neither read nor write his mother tongue! Since then, his Vietnamese has well improved and he can speak French very well. Today, Cong Duy is 30 years old, married and happy. He also is a skilled webmaster. An example of a disadvantaged child who became a happy and useful man, a grateful man to those who are supported Maison Chance Vietnam.

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The sympathizers were also able to discover all the products made by the beneficiaries of Maison Chance such as paintings or bags. And of course Tim’s book “Maison Chance, a future for the less fortunate in Vietnam”  that she autographed on the spot.

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The day of October 11 was therefore a gala rich in emotions and songs!

Thank you very much to all of you!

Armelle de Rocquigny

Translator: Georges Anne-Laure